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Add sudo Privileges to a User. Now lets make our new user or an exiting user a sudo user. Step1: Add the user to wheel group. usermod -aG wheel username. Note: If a user is part of wheel group, he can run any command as a super user. Step 2: Execute visudo command to open /etc/sudoers file. How To Add Apt Repository In Ubuntu | Linuxize Aug 26, 2019 How to Add a User to Sudoers in CentOS Linux

Using sudo, a regular user can execute root command, provided they are allowed to execute the command by a sysadmin. Apart from executing the command as root, an user can also execute a command as any other user, if they have the permission to do it.

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The sudo command allows privileged users to run all or selected commands as root, but understanding how it works and doesn't work is a big help. Say you want to add an important message at the