Jan 27, 2015

Xeams is, a secure and powerful complete mail server for Windows, Linux, Solaris, MacOSX and other flavors of UNIX. Xeams supports SMTP, POP3, and IMAP. It features a powerful spam filtering engine that eliminates up to 99% of junk email upon installation. The software offers a flexible approach Low-cost RADIUS servers for Wi-Fi security | Network World The Elektron RADIUS server from Periodik Labs is a Windows GUI-based server that's targeted toward wireless authentication for small and midsize networks, but supports other AAA purposes as well How to install and configure free radius server in windows Nov 15, 2017 Why to choose RADIUS over LDAP | Opensource.com Apr 29, 2015

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4 Mistakes to Avoid When Deploying a RADIUS Server Jan 27, 2015 LDAP vs RADIUS - JumpCloud

* What is the difference between a RADIUS server and Active Directory? Active Directory is an “accounts database” for creating users, groups, and computers to allow access to Domain resources. Radius is an open standard for authentication, access

Hi, On all recent RADIUS server implementations, UDP/1812 is the authentication and authorization port, and UDP/1813 is the accouting port. However, in historic RADIUS versions, these ports were different: UDP/1645 for autentication and authorization, and UDP/1646 for accounting. This article explains the correct setup for Microsoft Windows Server Radius Authentication and the Sophos Firewall.