If you want to create an index on a combination of columns, you can list the column names within the parentheses, separated by commas: CREATE INDEX idx_pname ON Persons (LastName, FirstName);

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Creating Indexes with SQL Server Management Studio

Mar 29, 2011

Only few tables (I do not create them in logs) could be that do not need the index but probably, in this cases probably you don't need the foreign key constraint as well. BUT. There are some databases that already automatically create indexes on foreign Keys. Jet Engine (Microsoft Access Files) Firebird MySQL. FOR SURE. SQL Server Oracle. DOES NOT Anyway, here's how you create a multi-column unique index on an MS access database. Open the table in design mode, and Design, select Indexes. Create a new row and enter a value in the Index Name cell, Choose the first column from the drop down menu. Add a new row and leave the Index Name cell blank. Choose the second column, and so on. Creating new database tables and indexes from existing tables. C# / C Sharp Forums on Bytes. For more information regarding all the different index level settings that can be set when creating an index, please check the index modules section. Mappings edit The create index API allows for providing a mapping definition: You can access the data in a secondary index using either the Query or Scan operation. You must specify the name of the base table and the name of the index that you want to use, the attributes to be returned in the results, and any condition expressions or filters that you want to apply. In this tutorial, we will teach you how to create drop-down list in Access. Drop down lists refer to drop down menus from which you can select one of the given options. In Access, you can create a dropdown list. Step 1 – Open table in design view. For the purpose of this tutorial, we will be using a pre-existing database. Patient Access connects you to local health services when you need them most. Book GP appointments, order repeat prescriptions and discover local health services for you or your family via your mobile or home computer.